Afni Collections – How it is Possible to Raise Your Credit

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Get AFNI Collections Off Your Credit Record

Bad things happen to good people. That’s the unfortunate fact of the matter. I learned the truth of this statement firsthand about a year ago, when my husband and I both lost our full time jobs in the same month.

At the time, we had a number of expenses and outstanding bills, including a loan from Charter One Bank. With zero money coming in, we quickly spent all of our savings.

I started falling behind on the loan payments, and I really didn’t know what to do about it. Fortunately the utility companies aren’t allowed to shut off your heat in winter, so at least we didn’t freeze.

But we were in serious trouble. I realized that all of our careful financial planning had gone out the window. What had seemed like a reasonable loan rate and expense load when we were both working was now completely unfeasible. It only takes one personal catastrophe, like getting laid off or having a serious car accident, to completely derail your life plan.

My husband managed to get odd jobs here and there, and whenever we did have money I would pay a little bit on the Charter One Bank loan. I didn’t come close to making the minimum payments, but I thought the fact that I was trying should count for something. Wrong!

Rather than helping me to create a new payment plan based on our changed circumstances, the bank started tacking on fees to our existing balance. That balance was daunting enough, without them adding $39 for late payments and $39 for over-limit fees each month. There was no way I was going to spend money on bank fees when I could be buying FOOD for my family instead.

Pretty soon I started to get an avalanche of mail about my bank loan. Apparently the bank had sold my debt to a collections agency called AFNI Collections.

This company sent me at least one letter a week and called virtually every day. They were very insistent that I had to pay NOW, and did not show any interest in hearing my personal story. In fact, they were often quite rude! Eventually I simply stopped answering the phone at all.

I understand that loans are a business, and I admit that I failed to meet my obligations to Charter One Bank. However, that did not mean that AFNI Collections had the right to harass and demean me.

I was particularly upset by their tactic of adding fees and interest to my loan balance. I think they were trying to intimidate me, hoping that I would panic as the balance kept rising and decide I had better pay before the situation got any worse.

Unfortunately for them, their tactic backfired. Once I noticed that about 30 percent of the money they wanted me to pay was interest and fees, I resolved to fight back against the unfairness of the situation.

AFNI Collections then tried a new tactic: adding collection items to my credit history. Because the credit bureaus have to inform you whenever a change is made to your credit history, I began to receive even more letters. Why so many letters? Well, it seemed that AFNI Collections had reported the SAME Charter One Bank debt several times!

I can’t prove that it was deliberate, but this act confirmed my suspicion that AFNI Collections was operating in an underhanded, legally questionable manner.

I began to research AFNI Collections and debt collection in general. Basically, AFNI Collections purchases debts from lenders such as banks, credit card companies, phone companies, medical clinics, etc, for a fraction of the amount owed. Then they pursue the debtor and try to pressure them into paying the full amount, plus a ton of fees and interest!

In my case, everything over the amount that AFNI had paid to Charter One Bank for my loan would be pure profit for them. No wonder the AFNI agents were so aggressive! They just wanted to get paid.

Once I learned about the consequences of having an AFNI Collections credit charge on my credit report, I began to be really concerned. Possible consequences can include:

-a black mark on your credit report that will remain there for 10 to 12 years
-a decrease in your credit score of between 100 and 250 points
-potential for liens to be placed on your home or property
-possibility of asset seizures and repossessions
-court-ordered wage garnishment
-inability to get new credit
-difficulty getting a new job

It was the part about employment that caught my eye. I was having enough trouble just getting interviews in this tough economy. I didn’t need the stress of worrying that any potential employer could order my credit report, see my defaulted loan, and hold it against me. I ordered a copy of my credit report just to see what exactly I was up against. My score had dropped to 588 with Experian!

At this point, I definitely understood that I had a problem that would not just go away on its own. Even though AFNI Collections was treating me unjustly, I still had to deal with them. I started to research debt resolution and ways to repair my credit.

What I found surprised me. I had thought the situation was hopeless, but what I read on changed my mind.

Lexington Law is a reputable, well-established law firm with special experience in credit repair services. I read testimonials from people just like me who had been helped by Lexington Law, and had had collection items and charge offs from virtually every collections agency under the sun permanently deleted from their credit reports.

I called Lexington Law for my free consultation right away. The representative who took my call was very friendly and helpful, and she explained a lot of things about debt collection to me.

I learned that there are several steps that Lexington Law could take against AFNI Collections for me. First of all, they would initiate a debt validation process, in which they would force AFNI to prove that I actually owed the debt. There is a limited time frame during which debt validation can be attempted. Fortunately I had not waited too long, and Lexington Law could still initiate the process for me.

Next, Lexington Law would investigate the statute of limitations in my state. If the debt was too old, I was longer legally responsible for it.

Lexington Law also explained the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to me, and helped me pinpoint times when AFNI Collections may have acted in violation of this act. Placing the same debt multiple times on my credit report was inaccurate reporting on their part, and would give Lexington Law some leverage to use against AFNI Collections.

If it turned out that I had to pay the debt, Lexington Law would negotiate a fair payment plan with AFNI Collections. Instead of paying the full amount, I might pay more like 70 cents on the dollar, a rate similar to what AFNI Collections had paid Charter One Bank in the first place.

Plus, Lexington Law would include a clause in the payment agreement requiring AFNI Collections to have all the collections items deleted from my credit report. The Lexington Law representative told me that not forcing the collections agency to fix the credit report is a very common mistake among people who try to dispute debts on their own.

After talking with the representative, I felt very confident that Lexington Law had the expertise needed to handle my situation. I let them take on my case under their no-risk refund policy. Within a short time, I began to receive more letters from the credit bureaus, this time stating that my AFNI Collections items had been removed!

Several other black marks on my credit history, including delinquent student loans and other unpaid bills, were also removed thanks to Lexington Law.

As a result of the work done by Lexington Law, my credit score rose from 588 to 729! I couldn’t have been happier with the results. I finally felt confident about my financial future again. I was able to job hunt without fear that employers would judge me based on bad credit. My husband quickly called Lexington Law as well, and his results were even better than mine!

Today my husband and I are both employed again, and we feel financially secure. We know that we have a bright future thanks to Lexington Law.

If you’re being harassed by greedy bill collectors from AFNI Collections or any other company, call Lexington Law right now! Don’t give them a dime until you’ve listened to the expert advice of Lexington Law and made every attempt to get the collection items removed, clear up your credit history, and stop those harassing phone calls for good.